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Air search & rescue is perhaps one of the most important activity in which the air intervention is required and proves to be more effective.

The model SILA 750MT is recommended in the short-range activity where helicopters, with elevated purchasing costs, were used traditionally with very important operational costs. All that must be considered in view of the SILA operation ability in the order of 100m considering also the capacity in terms of short take off and landing run. Due to the great lift values generated by the specific airfoil and thanks to the high lift devices the aircraft has a great flexibility and load carrying ability. SILA MT in fact has firm STOL performances being capable of operating on non prepared surfaces landing and taking off in a very reduced space. A strip of motorway, simple surfaces, a straight portion of road in emergency situations can easily become an improvised runway to land and take off! Sometimes a simple transfer from one medical center to another is required and SILA 750 MT is the aircraft that can realize this at the same costs but faster than a traditional road transport by ambulance.

SILA 750 Medical Transport in basic configuration is equipped as follows: newest generation digital Glass-cockpit, autopilot and integrated satellite navigation system, wide door on the right side for loading / unloading the stretcher.

Medical equipment: drip, oxygen and defibrillator, place for the nurse/health personnel beside the patient, further medical accessories may be located in the space immediately close to the nurse/doctor.

It is a three place aircraft with comfortable seats when not transporting the stretcher due to the folding seats (with a further increase of the volume available for loading luggage).

Sila 750 “MT” is a high-wing, single engine, two seated aircraft + stretcher/third place, with a semi-monocoque fuselage structure. It is a fully metallic plane made of CrMo and aluminum (6061 T6, 2017 T4, 2024T3). The wing airfoil is NACA 65 – 018 and it’s the same along the wing span, wings are rectangular with sweep angle equal to zero and dihedral angle of 0,5°. The wings are made of approved aeronautical aluminum, with wing tips of epoxy resin. The wings are connected to the top of the fuselage and supported by two struts one for each wing. The wings have fixed slats and movable flaperons. The tail surfaces have a classic design. Vertical tail has a rudder, the airfoil of vertical tail is NACA 0010 and vertical tail sweep angle is equal to 40°. The horizontal tail has an elevator with trim tab, the airfoil of the horizontal tail is NACA 0010, the horizontal tail is rectangular with sweep angle equal to zero. Aircraft landing gear is non–retractable, tricycle with nose landing gear. Power plant consists of a four–stroke engine and tractor propeller with clockwise rotation. The engine mount is realized in welded chrome molybdenum steel 4130. The engine cowling is made of fire proof epoxy resin. Flight controls consist of traditional rigid rods where most of the parts are in chrome molybdenum steel 4130, bronze bearings are used to avoid friction along the control system. Aluminum and related materials, such as cables, bearings, nuts bolts are certified for aeronautical use. The flight control system is a combination of mechanical and automatic devices, primary flight controls such as ailerons, elevator and rudder are mechanical while flaps and tabs are semi–automatic. Sila 750 “MT”, is intended for medical transport, seats are positioned in tandem on the left side where pilot and medical staff are situated while the patient lies on the stretcher on the right side. Safety harnesses (belts) for pilot, medical person and patient are part of basic equipment. The compartment for the medical devices is located below, in the fuselage.

Standard basic TSO certified equipment of Sila 750 “MT”:

1. Magnetic compass
2. Pitot static system
3. Airspeed indicator
4. Attitude indicator
5. Altimeter
6. Turn Coordinator (rate of turn ind. + slip-skid ind.)
7. Directional Gyro
8. Variometer
9. Tachometer
10. Hourmeter
11. Fuel quanity indicator
12. Cylinder head temperature indicator
13. Oil pressure indicator
14. Oil temperature indicator
15. VHF Radio – dual watch
16. Transponder
17. ELT
18. Seat belts for each occupant (2 harnesses)
Sila 750 equipment

Sila 750 “МТ” is built using approved aeronautical materials, strictly controlled characteristics and factory procedures are in compliance with JAR (EASA) Part 21.


The certification basis for Sila 750 “MT” primarily was the German Airworthiness Requirements EASA VLA. Sila 750 “MT” currently is in certification process under jurisdiction of Civil Aviation Directorate of Republic of Serbia.


Model 750 MT
Manufacturer AERO – EAST – EUROPE d.o.o.
Dimitrija Tucovica 2. L 4/5
36000 Kraljevo


Construction Aluminium, Metal
Wing assembly High wing airplane with struts
Wing airfoil NACA 65 – 018
Tail assebly Behind of wings
Empennage form Cross – shaped form
Landing gear Fixed - Nose wheel
Powerplant assembly Tractor
Number of seats 2 + 1 places (tandem + side)
Range More than 1.000 km
Type Around 20 lit/hr
Take – off run 150 m
Landing run 250 m
Sila 750 manufacturing


Wing span 10 m
Wing area 14,30 m2
Length 6,60 m
Horizontal tail span 2,91 m
Elevator chord 0,31 m

Airspeeds (CAS)

Maximum (Never exceed) speed 210 km/h
Speed at maximum continuous power 185 km/h
Maximum speed at rough air (with turbulence) 170 km/h
Maneuvering speed 150 km/h
Maximum speed with depoloyed flaps 110 km/h
Minimum (Stall) speed 65 km/h


Maximum take-off weight 750 kg
Maximum take-off weight with installed rescue system 750 kg


Certificates and standards